Christianity dismisses the Father’s ordained days, claiming they are basically irrelevant, and that they were “ended at the cross.” They claim they were “only for the Jews,” not understanding who the true Jew is (Romans 2:29). They claim they are a distraction from the Gospel. The problem with that notion is that the gospel that christianity teaches is not the true Gospel of Yahoshua.

Please explain HOW this is irrelevant today:

Yahoshua was crucified as the Perfect Lamb of Yah (PASSOVER).

Yahoshua’s perfect, sinless body was entombed in the ground while He suffered the punishment for His bride’s sin in hell, atoning for her sin, and giving her His righteousness (UNLEAVENED BREAD).

Yahoshua conquered death and hell by rising again from the dead (FIRSTFRUITS).

Those who believe in Yahoshua the Messiah and confess Him before others, without “shrinking back,” will receive the eternal covenant of marriage, which is the seal of the Holy Spirit, the fulfillment of the written law (WEEKS).

***the following feasts are yet to be fulfilled.

Yahoshua’s betrothed bride Y’isra-el will be gathered to the Bridegroom in the air for their marriage to be consummated (TRUMPETS).

The friends of the bride will be separated out from the world during a great tribulation (wheat vs tares), and then, the wedding guests who will enter the millennial reign are separated out at the end of that tribulation (sheep vs goats) (ATONEMENT).

Yahoshua will establish His 1000-year reign on earth with the friends of the Bridegroom (OT saints) and friends of the bride (tribulation saints) ruling with Him, which is the preparation for the wedding feast, after which the world will be judged, and the eternal wedding celebration will commence (TABERNACLES).

THIS is why Paul taught the feasts to the Gentile converts, and told them to “stand fast and keep them.” THIS is the Gospel of Yahoshua the Messiah. What christianity teaches is a counterfeit of this.

For more information: The Feasts After Passover

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