I spent all yesterday evening trying to reason with a christian who was also in the cult of KJVOnlyism. Sharing spiritual truth with those who think they already have it, yet cling to beliefs that are demonstrably false, is often an arduous task. But, alas, the Holy Spirit compels me to do it, so I shall.

Now, many KJVOnly cultists are so far into their idolatry that they completely discount the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts of scripture, for they truly believe the Holy Spirit re-inspired His scriptures into their KJV translation of men. Their idolatry so overtakes their common sense that they believe the Hebrew and Greek texts are actually inferior to their English translation.

It becomes so difficult to present the pure truths of the Spirit with those who believe their English translation of scripture is equal in status to Him. All that can be done is to share the Spirit’s truths, and leave the results up to Him.

Now, in the matter of the Hebrew and Greek, it must be understood that, even in the Greek manuscripts, there has been human manipulation of the actual inspired words of the scriptures, as the very early christians, who hated the Jews with a passion, changed the Jewish names in the scriptures to names that are Greco-Roman in nature. In so doing, they altered the true identities of the Father and the Son. How is there any spiritual truth in man-made names? Answer: there isn’t.

Moreover, there are books of scripture that the earliest manuscripts we have available are Greek, even though the evidence shows they were originally written in Hebrew. The early christians could not alter the Hebrew texts of the Old Testament because the Jews maintained those. But, those Jews who rejected Messiah had no interest in any of the New Testament writings, so the christians were free to alter whatever texts they desired, and they successfully obfuscated the original writings.

We know that Matthew was originally written in Hebrew, according to the historic record. He, along with Mark, John, James, and Peter, who were all traditional Hebrew Jews who initially struggled with the notion of Gentiles being accepted, would have never written to the Jews in anything but Hebrew. If I had to guess where their original Hebrew manuscripts are, I would say they were either destroyed, or they are deep in the bowels of the Vatican.

To understand the actual meanings of the scriptures, it is necessary for one’s heart and mind to be illuminated by the Holy Spirit (Luke 24:45). HE will instruct in what HIS meanings are, and that transcends ALL languages.

The KJVOnlyers will typically never receive that, because they think their English translation of men IS the Holy Spirit, and they falsely base their salvation on those written words. They don’t understand that the Word (Hebrew: dabar, Greek: logos) is not a book—not even Hebrew or Greek, and certainly not English, but is the living utterance of Yah, who, to the bride, is the Holy Spirit.

Their battle to claim that the KJV is something that it is not comes from the fact that they have never heard the first thing from the Holy Spirit, so they have to cling to something they put in His place.

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