Prophetically, we see many things in scripture about Y’isra-el, but, as is the case with many of the physical-foreshadow/spiritual-real-substance constructs throughout scripture, it is important to understand what is physical (shadow) and what is spiritual (real substance), for the spiritual is actually the ultimate meaning (Luke 24:45).

The Ark of Covenant, the physical temple, barley, the priesthood, the menorah, the ancient Jewish people—these are all physical things used to foreshadow Messiah’s bride. But, once the real substance has been revealed (fulfilled), the foreshadow is no longer the focus.

It doesn’t mean that it’s wholly irrelevant, but that the true meaning is revealed. The physical foreshadow still presents many details to deepen our knowledge and understanding—often we are given far more details in the physical foreshadow than in the spiritual real substance, which is why the foreshadows are important for understanding.

Prophetically, the entire focus will zero in on the land of Jerusalem, once the bride is gathered to the Bridegroom in the air on the Feast of Trumpets. During that time, it’s not the land of Israel that is significant, but the land of Jerusalem, and that is because the spiritual real substance of Y’isra-el has already been revealed. That happened in Acts 2—Messiah’s bride was established on earth (given the Covenant), and her name is Y’isra-el (Romans 11).

That is also the reason Yah had the physical temple destroyed. We know that the “veil” in the temple was torn from top to bottom. Who wears a veil?

The earthly nation of Israel is no different, spiritually, from the rest of the world. Most of its people are just as lost as the world. Messiah’s bride Y’isra-el has been revealed, and she is comprised of true Jews (Romans 2:29), those in whom the covenant of marriage (“ketubah”) to Messiah has been placed. There is no “second covenant” given to the people of the earthly nation of Israel, as false teachers like John Hagee maintain. The physical Jews were a shadow, not the real substance.

And, the reason the land of Jerusalem remains significant is that its spiritual real substance has not yet been revealed (fulfilled). After Trumpets (rapture of the bride) and Atonement (separating sheep from goats at the end of Armageddon) are fulfilled, Messiah will establish His 1000-year earthly reign, and the seat of His rule will be Jerusalem. That foreshadows the spiritual real substance, which we see in Revelation 21:2.

The New Jerusalem is the revealed true meaning (spiritual), and that is the union of the bride with the Bridegroom, the eternal dwelling place of the Father. In the New Jerusalem, we see the real meaning of the “matzah tash” in the Seder—the Father, the Son, and the Bride (Yah, Yahoshua, and Y’isra-el, which are those who have the covenant—the seal of the Holy Spirit), all dwelling in the house of Yah—His kingdom, the New Jerusalem, the eternal temple that lights the new earth.

THAT is NOT the “church,” which is just a counterfeit of the bride—the pagan goddess Circe, daughter of the sun god, who assembles on the venerable day of the sun, and who celebrates holydays tied to sun worship–SUNday assembling, christ-mass, easter/ishtar, etc.

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