I really enjoy searing off two racks of baby back ribs on the grill, and then let them slow cook in the oven for several hours. The whole house then smells like what would have been a great temptation to the ancient physical Jews (who were bound by the dietary restrictions of the law, before those laws were abolished in Messiah), whenever Gentiles near them would cook pork over fires. Talk about wonderful aromas!

How sad that so many today don’t understand the spiritual real substances that are revealed in the physical written law, and believe that performing those foreshadows has anything to do with what it all meant. The Holy Spirit is the fulfillment of physical law that was given to the ancient Jewish people, and they are a foreshadow of Messiah’s bride, who is made up mostly of Gentile converts, who are now the true Jews in Yah’s sight (Romans 2:29).

The dietary restrictions, for some reason, present a real quandary for some folks today, who erroneously think that picking and choosing certain laws from the Torah somehow pleases the Father. They use a false meaning of “unclean,” changing it to mean “unhealthy.” That has nothing to do with what the word actually means. Those misguided folks are quick to preach Leviticus 11, but ignore Leviticus 15, for obvious reasons. The hypocrisy is astounding, even though many don’t see just how hypocritical it is.

They don’t understand that the reason for the dietary laws was given in Deuteronomy 14:2, where Yah said it was to make the Jewish people “peculiar,” or “separated” from the rest of the world. The clean vs. unclean laws separated the Jews from the Gentiles. It is a PICTURE (or foreshadow) of the bride keeping herself pure from the world. But, as we’re told in Ephesians 2, Messiah abolished the laws that separated Jews from Gentiles, making the two groups one, and, in Him, there is neither [physical] Jew nor Gentile (Galatians 3:28), so there is no longer any need for the laws that separated them.

Swine, just like dogs and other animals, are used symbolically in scripture, but we don’t consider actual dogs to be evil, do we? Yah made no evil animals, for He said His creation is “good.” There is no such thing as “unclean food,” since Messiah’s redemptive work revealed the spiritual real substances of the physical foreshadows in the OT.

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