This is bizarre! There is this kid who is claiming he is my legal son. Now, understand that, no, he is not the result of some past romantic indiscretion—he knows he is not my biological child. It’s just that he claims I have legally adopted him. For the life of me, I cannot remember EVER going through the legal process of adoption (and, that’s because it has NEVER happened).

He just started saying one day that I was his legal father. He has gone to great lengths to convince himself, and others, that he is a member of our household—even memorizing things I have written (although, he doesn’t seem actually to understand most of it, and that is because there are things about our family that can only be understood through a personal explanation given by the head of the family—they cannot be grasped simply by reading about those things).

Sadly, one day, he’s going to come to the realization that, while he may have fooled some people about his delusion—even himself—there is simply no way that he will ever be a legal resident of our household apart from a judicial declaration of adoption. And, if that were ever to happen, he wouldn’t be my adopted child because HE said so; he would be my adopted child because I TOLD HIM SO.

Of course you see just how weird it is that this kid would claim to be my child without having been given any evidence of that from me. And, no matter how many claims he makes, or how vehemently he demands that he is my legal child, the facts are not changed. He is not my child, for I have never legally adopted him.

Now, if you can see how odd it is that someone who has never been told that he is my child would claim that I have legally adopted him, why don’t christians see how ludicrous it is to claim that the Almighty God of the universe adopted them simply because they said so, or because they have read things about HOW one can be made His child, and then they just decided that they are His child?

This kid even thinks that because he has read a lot of information about HOW one becomes an adopted child, based on the various laws and regulations that apply, then that qualifies him as my adopted child, even though none of those legal processes have actually happened for him.

Understanding the biological process of human reproduction by reading about it does not mean that a girl is pregnant. And, there is no biology book written that can confirm a pregnancy. Written words instruct us in facts ABOUT something, but it takes personal direct evidence being given to an individual to confirm such things.

Nobody is saved by theory or facts, but by a living being. And, that living being never confirms anybody’s salvation in writing. A child is never adopted by his own decision, but by that of the adoptive parent.

If you think you have been made a child of the Most High God, but He has never declared it to you personally and directly, do you not see what a preposterous claim that is? YOU decided that you are HIS child? You think that words written two millennia ago to instruct those who have the Holy Spirit into HOW salvation is given somehow confirm that YOU have received it?

Just as the notion that christianity had the authority to abolish the Father’s ordained days, and make pagan days “holy,” is a severe delusion from Satan (only Yah determines His ordained days, and they have never changed—He NEVER adopted the days of pagan sun worship as His days—He has nothing at all to do with the pagan christ-mass, easter, or SUNday assembling), so too is the idea that, by a human decision, man has the judicial authority to declare himself an adopted child of Yah.

The Father created physical object lessons for us to understand things like salvation and marriage to His Son, but christianity abolished those things, and most christians today are even repulsed by them, claiming that the truths of the Holy Spirit found in the Father’s traditions are “a cult,” or “legalism.”

Wanna know one sure way to expose whose child you actually are? Reject the Father’s traditions as nonsense, or irrelevant relics that applied only to an ancient physical people (which is a common lie taught by christianity). The Father’s traditions apply to His family perpetually. Those who have not been adopted into Yah’s family are still members of Satan’s family, for all are born in sin, and Satan is the father of all who have not been adopted by the Almighty.

One is not an adopted child of Yah until he is told he is a child of Yah. And, no scripture has the ability to do that (and that has never been the purpose of scripture anyway).

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