If what you believe is spiritually true, shouldn’t it be found somewhere in the scriptures? Christians often fight so vehemently to prove that the things they have been taught by christianity are true, but in the end, shouldn’t the doctrines they embrace actually be found in the scriptures?

And, if they are not found in the scriptures, then why would you entrust your eternity to a belief system that peddles such things? Seriously.

Can you find anyone in the scriptures celebrating an annual christ-mass? How about “good friday” or easter? Can you point to any passage of scripture showing believers doing the annual “good friday” and easter, let alone the goofy “maundy thursday” or “ash wednesday”?

Surely, if those days were so “holy,” as so many christians claim, wouldn’t Paul and the other apostles have celebrated them, and taught them to the new converts?

How can we be so blind as not to see something so blatantly obvious?

And then, even more importantly, can you show any passage of scripture that states that, if someone decides he wants to be saved, his belief IS salvation? How about the notion of “accepting Christ into your heart”? Is there even a single instance of that happening anywhere in the scriptures?

If that is the path to salvation, why didn’t Messiah’s disciples do that before He ascended back to His Father?

How about a “sinner’s prayer”? Can you show me that verse anywhere? For what sins did the thief on the cross ask forgiveness? Answer: NONE. Was he actually saved? Why? How was he given eternal life, and how did he know he had received eternal life?

And yet, with so many christians, when you show them the absurdity of treating such made-up fairytales as absolute truth, and then explain what the real truths of the Holy Spirit are, they assail the messenger with accusations of being “in a cult,” or “legalistic,” or “preaching the law.”

With some of them, you can explain repeatedly how the OT and NT fit together as one volume, and how the OT presents physical foreshadows, and the NT reveals the spiritual real substances of those foreshadows, and they willfully remain blind to the actual workings of scripture.

So, let me ask the question again, and see if you can actually provide a good answer: if the spiritual things you believe do not appear anywhere in the scriptures, why do you believe them?

If your claim to being saved is by some method that actually can be found nowhere in the scriptures, then why do you think you are saved? Sadly, for so many christians, they have been brainwashed by the teachers of christianity that nobody is to question their salvation—even though what they did to be “saved” cannot be supported by the true teachings of the scriptures.

No, “accepting Christ” is not salvation. No, praying a “sinner’s prayer” is not salvation. No, “dedicating your life to Christ” is not salvation. No, obeying commandments is not salvation. No, making a decision, and then getting wet in front of a bunch of people is not salvation.

If you think you are saved because you did one of those things, you are reading this today because the Holy Spirit wants you to know that you have been duped by the traditions of men.

Saving belief is NOT something you do, but something that is GIVEN to you. And, it is given AFTER you have believed in Messiah Yahoshua, and have confessed Him before others (which is to “endure in belief,” as taking a real committed stand for the true Messiah—not just in words, but in actions—will result in rejection, ridicule, mocking, and separation from family and friends).

Stop NOW, and consider what it is that makes you THINK you are saved. If you have not been told, directly and personally, by the only One who can confirm that you are born again (the Holy Spirit), what makes you think YOU have the power to issue such a decree, which is an eternal judicial decree of adoption by the Almighty?

Answer: you don’t. And, that is probably the cruelest lie of the false teachings of christianity.

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