What if the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth stood before you and told you, directly, that the day of the week He calls His is the seventh day, and not the first? Would you choose to identify with Him on His day then, or would you continue with the traditions of men, and do your SUNday thing?

What if you heard the voice of Messiah Himself telling you that His resurrection in no way altered the day of the week His Father ordained as His weekly Sabbath, and that His followers in the New Testament chose to identify with both Him and His Father by remembering the Sabbath (seventh day), and keeping it separate from the other days of the week? Would you trust His words, or would you rationalize your SUNday assembling because of the teachings of the “church”?

And, what if, after hearing from the Father and the Son, you started investigating why and how the changing of the day of the week being honored as the day of “rest and holy convocation” is just the tip of the iceberg where false teachings are concerned, and that the very folks who altered the Father’s ordained weekly Sabbath also added other pagan rituals and traditions to their religion (christianity), and completely rejected the Father’s traditions altogether—those things that the Father gives to His children as physical representations of spiritual real substances, and a prophetic calendar that details the coming things?

And, finally, what if after learning that christianity created a counterfeit of the true faith by replacing the Father’s traditions with emotion-based pagan knockoffs, you discovered that the salvation it teaches is contrary to actual salvation, and that man does not have the power or authority to make a decision, or pray a prayer, and declare himself to be born again?

Hmmmm . . . a false salvation from a counterfeit of the true faith. What if the very words of the Father and Son could shock you into understanding that you’re not actually practicing the true faith that the New Testament believers did, but an alternate that was created a couple centuries later to obscure that true faith (mostly because of bitter hatred of an entire bloodline of people, who, incidentally, were of the same ethnic heritage as Messiah)?

Well, if you were to learn the Father’s traditions, and THEN read the scriptures, the Holy Spirit might open your heart and mind to see just how christianity has twisted what the scriptures actually teach us about the practical application of the faith, and the actual truths of salvation—that it must be received by the will of the Father, and in His time. What if you learned that man is to believe in Messiah Yahoshua and confess Him before men, and then stay true to that belief until the covenant is received and is confirmed directly by the Holy Spirit?

There are countless interpretations of scripture within christianity, the counterfeit of the true faith. But, there is only one truth from the Holy Spirit. Until He opens someone’s understanding of the scriptures, then it is simple to be led astray by the traditions of men, and the many false interpretations of scripture that men have devised, and continue to construct.

Start with what is easily shown to have been changed without scriptural warrant, and go from there. Always ask yourself, “If they changed this, then what else did they change?” By the way—just to be clear, the Creator HAS already told you all these things in His scriptures. It is the many different flavors of christianity that altered those things by perverting what those scriptures teach.

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