Being called “Lucifer” (Roman Catholic/KJV error).

Claiming that he trembles when someone “wakes up and hits the floor,” or that humans have the power to “rebuke” him (see: Jude 1:9). Christians mocking and ridiculing him as powerless really entertains him.

Thinking that calling oneself a “christian” keeps his demons away.

Claiming that he is in hell.

Insisting that Messiah’s name is “jesus.”

Declaring that one is born again because he made a sincere decision or prayed a prayer.

Thinking that a change in one’s behavior is proof that one is redeemed.

Saying that Sunday (the first day) is the “Lord’s Day.”

Dismissing the Father’s traditions because they were first given in the OT, and believing that Christ abolished the OT.

Saying that all the different flavors of christianity are fine and acceptable (because it’s only the doctrines of salvation that matter), but also labeling those who preach the actual doctrines of salvation as “false teachers” and “cult members.”

Why do these make Satan laugh? Because they are proof of the success of his deception.

For more information: Where Does Satan Dwell?

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