There is a lie, common among some christians, that a man named John Nelson Darby “invented” the pre-tribulation rapture. Such a statement comes only from a dearth of spiritual understanding.

Darby, being of the “church,” was already in what was “invented,” thus, his teachings were just another flavor of the counterfeit, which contains grains of truth but also vast error (that is the common denominator in all religions/denominations).

The harvests, the feasts, the wedding traditions, and the scriptures (when understood in their proper contexts) all given millennia ago, were not invented by Darby, or any other christian, and they ALL show that the bride, who is symbolized by barley, will be harvested by Yah before the tribulation; the tribulation saints, who are symbolized by wheat, will be harvested near the end of the tribulation; and, the millennial saints, who are the firstfruits of the grape harvest, will be planted into the millennial reign at the end of the tribulation (Armageddon).

Barley, wheat, and grapes. The three spiritual harvests, tied to Firstfruits, Weeks, and Tabernacles.

Anyone who claims to know ANYTHING about these prophecies, but who doesn’t also know and understand the Father’s traditions, is either a deceiver, or is deluded by false teachings he has been taught and has believed.

The Holy Spirit’s truths are singular; He does not give varying versions to different people. Thus, in any spiritual discussion where there is disagreement, either one side is right and the other is wrong, or they’re both wrong. There are not different versions of spiritual truth.

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