If you are looking to folks like Alex Jones and Chuck Baldwin for spiritual truth, then you are allowing yourself to be deceived. Folks like them are pushing a narrative about this group of Jews being fake Jews, and that group of Jews being the real Jews—and, the problem is, they can only see the physical, but it’s not the physical that even matters, the spiritual is the real substance.

The true Jews to the Creator are those who are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, and they are the ones who make up the true Y’isra-el, who is Messiah’s bride (Romans 2:29). The physical was only a foreshadow of the spiritual, and right now, the only thing that matters is who are the true Jews—who is it that has received the seal of the Holy Spirit, which is the Covenant of marriage to Messiah?

That has nothing to do with this physical group or that physical group. So, anyone who purports to be a “spiritual teacher,” but who touts fake and real Jews as something physical, has no spiritual understanding, and should not be followed or regarded. And, if you are one who believes their teachings, then you are deceived, for they disagree with the Holy Spirit and His truths. And, hatred toward any ethnic group of people is contrary to the Holy Spirit.

Anyone who teaches about “the church vs. Israel” doesn’t know who either is. The “church” is a counterfeit of the true faith, and Y’isra-el is Messiah’s bride, and that has nothing to do with anything physical (Galatians 3:28-29). There is coming a time when some physical Jews will be sealed by the Holy Spirit because they are physical Jews, but that is not until the tribulation, and the bride will be in the wedding chamber by then.

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