One of the most misleading teachings of christianity is the notion that, at the moment someone makes a decision (prays the “sinner’s prayer,” “accepts Christ into his heart,” “gives his life to the Lord,” “becomes a christian,” or any other invented euphemism that defines salvation as an action of man), he is immediately born again. Such people then go on to say that, because of whichever euphemism they did, they “have” the Holy Spirit—because christianity falsely teaches that erroneous correlation.

Those beliefs are insidious and destructive to a true spiritual life, as such a person falsely believes he is saved, has the Holy Spirit, and is going to heaven. But, salvation is not of man, it is not of works, and it cannot be dictated by the will of a person. This is just one of the counterfeits commonly taught in christianity, and it is nothing but a tradition of men—it is not of the Holy Spirit.

Imagine a neighborhood kid walking into your home and declaring that he is now a member of your household. Would such a declaration make that youngster a legal member of your family—a joint-heir with your natural children, just because the kid walked in and declared himself to be a member of your family? That’s absurd!

But, that’s the false notion that’s largely taught in christianity—that one is a member of Yah’s household simply because he professed himself to be. We see such people in Matthew 7:21-23, and how horrifically sad that day will be for them, because they have been deceived by the enemy into believing they have power over the Holy Spirit to place Him into themselves. It will be an eternal tragedy for them!

It is one’s belief in Yahoshua the Messiah and confession of Him before men that makes one ABLE to be born again, but one is not actually born again until the Holy Spirit confirms to him that he has been adopted as a child of Yah (sealed by the Holy Spirit, the Covenant). That is done only by the Father’s will, and in the Father’s time.

If your answer to the question “who told you that you are born again” has anything to do with passages of scripture, or with something YOU have done, then it’s likely you’ve been deceived. Only the Holy Spirit can tell someone he is born again, and He will do that directly and personally, in a way that Satan cannot counterfeit. It is not something that can be read, and it cannot be declared by any person—not even of oneself.

If that upsets folks, then they need to take it up with the One who does the adopting, not the one who shares the Holy Spirit’s truths in this. So many christians get angry with the messenger, rather than seeking to be adopted by the Father and confirmed of that by Him. Knowing that one does not possess the power or authority to make himself Yah’s child, it takes real childlike faith to entrust that power and authority to the One who actually has it.

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