“I accepted Christ into my heart.” –NOT SALVATION (no such thing appears anywhere in scripture as salvation)

“The bible tells me I’m saved.” –NOT SALVATION (the scriptures explain the doctrines of salvation, but the words of scripture cannot personally confirm that anybody is born again. The bible can no more confirm that someone is born again than a biology book can get a girl pregnant, or confirm that she is)

“I’m saved because I stopped sinning.” –NOT SALVATION (and, if you make that claim, you’re a liar, and lying is a sin)

“I asked forgiveness for my sins.” –NOT SALVATION (nowhere in scripture is anyone told to ask forgiveness of sins to be saved)

“When I prayed to be saved, I received the Holy Spirit.” –NOT SALVATION (the Holy Spirit is not directed into anybody because of a decision or a prayer—YOU don’t tell the Holy Spirit to indwell you, He tells YOU that you are a child of Yah when HE indwells you)

“I could feel the difference.” –NOT SALVATION (Salvation is not a feeling, nor is it based on how one feels)

“I just know that I know that I know.” –NOT SALVATION (the christians in Matthew 7:21-23 knew that they knew that they knew too, but Messiah didn’t know them)

Because christianity is a counterfeit of the true faith, and was created by abolishing the Father’s traditions, the spiritual discernment that is derived from those traditions does not exist in christianity. What is left in the counterfeit are the traditions of men and their intellectual wranglings that are devoid of the Holy Spirit and His illumination.

So, if your “assurance” of salvation is covered in the abovementioned statements, you have need for alarm (although, I already know that most christians will not heed that warning, for, like the Laodiceans, most christians believe they have need for nothing—meaning, they don’t think there is anything directly from the Holy Spirit they need to receive to know they are born again. They think their “decision” or their “sinner’s prayer” did the trick).

Again, the tragic scene in Matthew 7:21-23 awaits so many people who are wholly convinced they are saved because of the deception Satan planted into his counterfeit of the truth—christianity.

The Holy Spirit’s truths are singular. He does not give varying versions of His truths to different people. Either one’s beliefs align with Him, or they don’t. Sadly, because their belief system is a crafty counterfeit, many who think they are saved are unwittingly deluded.

Those who have been made children of Yah are told, directly and personally, by the only one who can confirm anybody’s salvation. And, He isn’t a book.

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