I am aware that some folks who have read my many posts about this issue accuse me of forbidding people from celebrating christian holydays like christ-mass and easter/ishtar, and I want it understood that I have never told anyone that they CANNOT celebrate those things.

As free human beings, you can celebrate whatever traditions and observances you desire. If you want to celebrate the christian holydays, knock yourself out! However, what you CANNOT do is state those things have anything whatsoever to do with Messiah, and also be regarded as truthful, for stating that Messiah has anything to do with christ-mass, easter/ishtar, or SUNday assembling is a lie—and, we all know who the father of lies is.

While you’re completely free to identify with lies, you’re not free also to identify with Messiah, or state that He has any part in those lies. To reject the Father’s traditions is to choose not to identify with Him. One cannot refuse to identify with the Father, choose to identify with pagan celebrations, and also be regarded as one who confesses the true Gospel of Messiah Yahoshua. You cannot eat at the Father’s table and also at the world’s table.

Yah said that He desires His children not to take His name in vain, which means in the original Hebrew, “Do not attach Me—who I am—to what is false, worthless, or idolatrous.” As christ-mass, easter/ishtar, and SUNday assembling are false, they are worthless, and they are idolatrous, christianity flips a big middle finger to the Father with all of its holydays.

As I have previously stated, the Father’s ordained Sabbaths (seventh day of the week, and seven annual feasts) are a sign between Yah and His children—His family are the only ones to whom His days are given as a family identification. Christianity invented its own pagan holydays, which are a counterfeit of Yah’s ordained days. As such, Yah’s days are only for His true family—they are not given to christians, for His family are those to whom the covenant has been given.

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