Yes, you read that correctly. Several years ago now, I was involved in an argument with a guy, and today, I don’t even remember who he was. It was someone on the internet, and he and I got into a passionate discussion about something he was claiming that I found to be outright lunacy.

In fact, I was so surprised that someone could be making such an obviously unscriptural assertion, that I, with all my doctrinal “education” and knowledge, decided to mount an assault against his claims that would forever silence his spiritual silliness.

So, I set out to research the facts that would prove this guy was just a conspiracy theory nut who was clearly misinterpreting one of the most widely practiced beliefs in all of christianity.

It was through that research that the Holy Spirit, by the tiniest of slivers of light shining through His door of truth, grabbed my heart and mind, and started revealing to me the multitude of false teachings that comprise the whole belief system called “christianity.”

What was that guy’s argument? It was that christ-mass is wholly pagan, and violates the will of the Father. Imagine my surprise when the Holy Spirit showed me just how wrong I was in that debate. And, of course, once one finds the spiritual truth about the christ-mass, then easter/ishtar logically follows, for they were both crafted by the same forces of darkness.

And, then, it continued to be revealed, that those same evil forces are the ones that rejected Yah’s weekly Sabbath, and began to honor “the venerable day of the sun.” Moreover, christianity rejected all of Yah’s ordained days (because the inventors of christianity bitterly hated the physical Jews, and didn’t understand that Yah’s ordained Sabbaths belong to Him, not the physical Jews).

Then, came the recognition that the “salvation-by-decision” taught by christianity isn’t even salvation at all, but a man-declared imitation of what only the Holy Spirit Himself can accomplish and declare.

Over the years since I had that life-changing argument, the Holy Spirit has continued to deepen my understanding of His truths, to the point of seeing the entirety of christianity being built on false foundations—a belief system that is completely separate from the true Gospel of Messiah Yahoshua.

While some might think that their christian beliefs are just a “different viewpoint” of the truths of the Holy Spirit that true believers share, there is no such thing. His truths are singular, and they always align perfectly with all of scripture (in its original languages and contexts), and all of the Father’s traditions. Christianity, having abolished the Father’s traditions from its religion, is devoid of the Holy Spirit, and is built on the traditions of men.

The reason so many people are deceived by the false teachings of christianity is that it is a clever counterfeit devised by Satan for that very reason—to blind people from the actual truths of the Holy Spirit, and to make people believe they have an eternal security they have never been told they have.

As the angel of light that he masquerades himself to be, Satan uses those deeply warm feelings that suck people in each year, wrapping the holydays in emotions tied to family and children and good will and just plain fleshly enjoyment; but, that is his very nature revealing itself. He draws in the unwitting with things that look downright beautiful, but are contrary to the Spirit’s truth. That’s just how cunning and clever he is.

And, as the master deceiver and liar he is, he actually has “pastors” across the world proclaiming his lies to be truth.

I am so thankful for that guy who took the time to argue with me many years ago!

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