Most christians, when told of the actual history of christianity, typically respond with disbelief, or even with a vehement dismissal of the facts (often followed by brutal accusations against the messenger of truth, sometimes labeling the Holy Spirit’s truths as “crazy,” “a cult,” or “demonic teachings”).

The tenets of christianity have been so thoroughly ingrained within its own echo chambers (the “church”) that truth doesn’t actually matter; only what one has been taught to believe is the truth by those within the counterfeit, is what matters to them.

MYTH: christianity is what is taught in the New Testament.
FACT: christianity is taught nowhere in the NT, as it was not invented until after the NT writers had all died, and was then codified in the 4th century by Constantine (who worshiped both the sun and Zeus), which is why christianity’s holydays come from Babylonian sun worship (SUNday assembling, christ-mass, easter/ishtar, etc.), and is what it actually means to “take His name in vain” (in the Hebrew, that commandment isn’t about spoken words, but about attaching Him to what is false, worthless, or idolatrous, and christianity’s holydays are all three).

MYTH: the meaning of the label “christian” means “follower of Christ.”
FACT: the term “christian,” as first used in the NT, meant “little messiah,” and was never used by believers to describe themselves. It was coined as a satirical epithet by the Greeks at Antioch, and it was used ONLY by unbelievers as a term of shame—an insult against true believers. The term was not adopted by actual believers, but by those who embraced the counterfeit after the foundations of the faith had been stripped away and replaced by pagan traditions.

MYTH: being a christian means that one has been born again.
FACT: being “born again” is not something a person can choose, as the Father wholly controls to whom He gives His Spirit. But, being a christian is something a person chooses to be—it is a follower of the belief system called “christianity,” and the term can mean many different things to many different adherents, as there are some 41,000 different christian denominations that disagree highly with one another (the truths of the Holy Spirit are singular).

MYTH: christians are those who have chosen to be saved and have repented of their sins.
FACT: nobody can choose to be saved. The path to salvation is to believe in Messiah Yahoshua and confess Him before others (usually involving personal or relational risk of some sort), and then to remain faithful to that belief until the covenant is received. No human can control or direct when, or if, he receives the covenant. Messiah said in Luke 8:13 that some will believe in Him with all joy, but will fall away because they never receive the source of life (root), which is the Holy Spirit.

Christianity falsely teaches that man’s belief alone IS salvation, but the spiritual truth is that belief is only the first step in the path to salvation—it is represented by the outer courtyard of the tabernacle (repenting of unbelief is the only repentance necessary to be able to be born again—any bible that says “repent of SINS” is a false translation—it is “SIN,” the singular sinful condition of unbelief, and, to repent of unbelief is to believe, which is the first requirement to be saved).

But, the covenant was not located in the outer courtyard; no, the priestly progression—the way of the tabernacle—from the outer courtyard (belief), through the holy place (enduring in belief—confessing Messiah Yahoshua before others), and into the most holy place, where the covenant is within the ark, is a physical foreshadow of the Holy Spirit being placed within those of Messiah’s bride.

To “believe to the saving of the soul” (Hebrews 10:39) is how salvation occurs, which is also the patience (endurance) that James speaks of. Mere belief by a human is not being born again. Salvation occurs at some point AFTER man believes and makes a stand for that belief in Messiah Yahoshua. Salvation occurs when the Holy Spirit is given, not when man makes a decision.

MYTH: christianity is the faith taught by the scriptures.
FACT: christianity is a counterfeit of the faith taught by the scriptures. It is the “falling away” of 2 Thessalonians 2:3.

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